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Use the Augmented Reality Swiss Peaks App to make your next first descent

I recently made my third trip to Zermatt Switzerland for some early season ski training on the glacier. One subtle change I noticed from previous years is that wifi is now everywhere. I was able to check-in to several places and become mayor on foursquare – including the Glacier itself.

One night we were having drinks with some national freestyle coaches and they introduced me to the “Swiss Peaks” App (as pictured below)

Leveraging your GPS on your smartphone, you point your mobile device to any of the surrounding peaks you see and the App will tell you what peak you are looking at and how high it is. Standing at the top of Zermatt, over 300 peaks were identified while scanning the horizon line. You can adjust the range with a slider – so that peaks that are closest can be more easily identified

With support for flash coming to new tablets (like the RIM playbook) and other smartphone platforms not named iphone, I predict 2011 will be the year of the augmented reality app and mobile website (since you can leverage GPS on the mobile web).

I’m going to try the Swiss Peaks App in Collingwood, Ontario this season – although I’m not sure it will work as well ?

October 31, 2010   2 Comments

My next business card will have an augmented reality code

Two years ago at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona I was fascinated by business cards that included QR codes on them.

It was cool because I could scan the QR code with my mobile device and all the contact details would get added to my outlook contact sheet automatically. I never got around to making my own business card with a QR code – although I did add one to this blog (it’s the pixelated miss pac man board looking box on the left side).

Thanks to Mark Herd at BSTREET, I’ve now discovered something many times cooler – a business card with an augmented reality (AR) code on the back.

In the example below, the AR code becomes a 3d artistic rendering of the author.  Imagine having an AR code that renders your product, your team, or anything else you’d like to convey about you in a few seconds.

It’s the ultimate elevator pitch!

AR Business Card from James Alliban on Vimeo.

Like this video? Check out more work from Jame Alliban here on this blog.

July 15, 2009   3 Comments

Augmented Reality Mobile Browser Becomes Reality

Last week the mobile world was a buzz over a new augmented reality browser that layers on contextual information over top of what is seen through your mobile camera view.

The browser is called layar and currently is only available on Android based devices. For those of us in Canada, that means only the new HTC devices available on Rogers. An iphone version is promised for this Fall – but expect a wave of AR related applications to hit the market by the new year.

Check out the demo below and a broader review at tech crunch here.

July 6, 2009   8 Comments

Augmented Reality has arrived for the iphone

A few weeks ago I wrote about augmented reality (AR) and what it could mean for marketers. You can review that article here.

Since that post, there has been lots of press about AR – including the first prototype we’ve seen working on an iphone. We knew this was going to happen the minute Apple announced that the 3G S would include an advanced accelerometer as part of the updated hardware build.

This is likely the first of many applications creating an AR experience on the iphone. Look for games and social media tools and sites to incorporate AR soon.

Check out the demo below – but be patient… the wow factor doesn’t kick in until about half way through.

June 29, 2009   4 Comments

Augmented Realty Twitter Application is a sign of things to come

Here’s a nifty way of integrated augmented reality (AR) codes with social media – print one on a t-shirt which will allow people with an AR enabled device to overlay your last tweet beside the code when viewing through your mobile device or other screen.

This simple social media / AR integration has some powerful implications for how marketers can make “old” media new or interactive by incorporating codes into print, outdoor, or promotions items such as t-shirts, ball caps etc…

Check out the live demo below – the green box you see floating over the code is the camera focusing on the code.

PaperTweet3d: Augmented Reality T-shirts from squidder on Vimeo.

May 12, 2009   6 Comments

Terminator vision coming to a mobile device near you thanks to Augmented Reality

About a month ago I began researching something called Augmented Reality (AR). In the process I’ve gathered dozens of pages of notes and references and instead of publishing everything all at once with my point of view, I’ve decided to publish a series of AR articles for the savvy marketer looking to get a crash course on what I think is the future of digital marketing, gaming, communications, and life as we know it today :)

What is AR?

In a nut shell, it’s adding a layer of information on top of “reality” – or what your webcam or mobile camera is projecting on your screen.  Like a QR or 2d bar code, an AR 2d bar code is interpreted by your webcam but instead of being sent to a URL, data is layered on top of the AR code – creating an augmented reality. Check out this demo:

What is Mobile AR?

Take the above example and instead of creating a gaming or 3d layer on top of your mobile camera, imagine leveraging the GPS capabilities of your device to give you contextual information of where you are right now. This is where the Terminator vision comes in… except it’s on your phone. Imagine walking down the street of a new city and you are totally lost. Open up your Google maps and activate the AR mode an suddenly all the buildings around you are labeled.  Consumer ratings of restaurants float above signage. Now imagine going to a networking event and pointing your device to the room and people’s name and relation to you (relative to linkedin or some other social network) appears above their head.

Check out the video below which shows a real prototype of this application. Look for this to be the killer feature in the next release version of Android:

Enkin from Enkin on Vimeo.

But wait… there’s much more!

Recently Tom Purves gave a presentation on AR at a refresh event. Lucky for those of us who could not attend, Tom uploaded his awesome presentation to slideshare. Check it out below:

Marketers should be  excited about all the possibilities on enhancing, extending, and amplifying their next campaign with AR.

May 6, 2009   7 Comments