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Ongoing thoughts in 140 character or less from 2011-05-27

  • 1 in 5 smartphone users now "check in". I guess location based marketing isn't dead after all ->
  • best swag bag ever at all things digital conference #d9 ->
  • @erikfrye hp veer phone, sony hd snap camera, pogoplug video with instant streaming / file sharing solution and a creepy glass skull #d9 in reply to erikfrye ->
  • Thks for sucking up right away – after eric scmidts opening line – classic #d9 ->
  • Interview of andrew mason ceo of groupon was highlight of #d9 so far. Great humour and perspective ->
  • See Andrew Mason’s Amazing Death Stare! http://t.co/CqPHJxh ->
  • new windows OS for touch looks just like the QNX platform on RIM's Playbook. Lots of similar gestures and behaviours #d9 ->
  • windows 8 trying to be both computer and tablet OS… not sure it works. like being stuck betwene a sh*t and a fart. #d9 ->
  • HTML5 and "magical" seem to be most common buzz words used in many presentations & demos today. #D9 ->
  • Win mobile 7 is helping nokia achieve product goals in 1/3 of time vs symbian #D9 ->
  • Nokia not concerned about RIM – only trying to differentiate from ios and android #D9 ->
  • Nokia says its no longer war of devices, but war of ecosystem… ->
  • Nokia wants to be most friendly ecosystem to carriers vs ios and droid. No rim reference #D9 ->
  • Not just solomo… But sologo – social, local and global – robert iger #d9 ->
  • 3d needs to be used on the right film and the right creative way to be successful #d9 ->
  • Ironically intro to shantanu narayen ceo adobe was best of conference… Like old flash intros on web #d9 ->
  • Flash not a tech issue but biz model issue according to shantanu #d9 ->
  • Html5 is the magical hope for everything – walt mossberg #d9 ->
  • Adobe welcomes and is actively developing for html5 standard #d9 ->
  • Omniture working with comscore and neilson to standardize how / what we measure online #d9 ->
  • Allthingsd.com ironically is desktop-centric. No mobile or tablet optimized exp. #fail #d9 ->
  • Adobe excited about future of android tablets. Also thinks rim and hp will succeed in enterprise #d9 ->
  • Adobe making significant investment into cloud based tools and services #d9 ->
  • Adobe working with all browsers to ensure flash cookies work and play nice with other cookies #d9 ->
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