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5 reasons why marketers and brands need a tablet web strategy today

Just as marketers and brands are finally figuring out their mobile web strategy, it’s time to add the tablet web to the mix.  The tablet web is not just a new screen, it’s an entirely new channel.

Here are five good reasons why:

  1. Your desktop site may not work on tablets. Most consumers who have already bought a tablet are doing so with a device that does not support flash. This means that many brand and marketing sites simply will not load or work when viewed on a tablet browser (Playbook and Xoom once flashed is supported will be the exception).  Showing the mobile web version which is how some sites handle tablets is not optimal either. Just as flash is the common denominator for the desktop web, HTML 5 is the common denominator on the tablet web – so build an HTML 5 presentation layer to your online brand.
  2. Make your paid media campaigns work. Your media agency may not be spending much in the tablet channel yet, but Ads bought for the desktop web are still be viewed and clicked on the tablet web.  Having a tablet optimized experience means you can increase your conversion funnel by serving up an experience that is in the context of the tablet user.
  3. Tablet web is the best of all browser worlds. Tablets have the best of the mobile web and desktop web. You’ve got a great viewing experience on a large (or large enough) canvas while you can leverage location, device, and browser detection to customize your experience and messaging on the tablet web.  You can’t do that on your desktop site unless a consumer signs-in & fill out a truthful profile
  4. Tablets are primarily touch-gesture driven vs. a typical desktop mouse-click driven experiences. Having an interface that leverages intuitive gesture-based navigation means the experience is going to be more positive and the likelihood that the user completes a desired action (viewing product details, requesting quote, signing up for future communications)
  5. You don’t need an App for that. Although consumers are looking for great apps to augment their tablet experience, they aren’t necessarily looking for an App from every brand unless you are providing great utility and a service that goes beyond a one-time need in a typical product purchase life cycle.  Having a great tablet web experience that will work on all tablets with one build is more cost effective and practical for longer term communication plans.

Want to see a great example of a tablet web optimized experience? Check out http://blackberry.com on your tablet browser today. Feel free to share links to other outstanding tablet specific pages in response to this post.

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