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My next business card will have an augmented reality code

Two years ago at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona I was fascinated by business cards that included QR codes on them.

It was cool because I could scan the QR code with my mobile device and all the contact details would get added to my outlook contact sheet automatically. I never got around to making my own business card with a QR code – although I did add one to this blog (it’s the pixelated miss pac man board looking box on the left side).

Thanks to Mark Herd at BSTREET, I’ve now discovered something many times cooler – a business card with an augmented reality (AR) code on the back.

In the example below, the AR code becomes a 3d artistic rendering of the author.  Imagine having an AR code that renders your product, your team, or anything else you’d like to convey about you in a few seconds.

It’s the ultimate elevator pitch!

AR Business Card from James Alliban on Vimeo.

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